A Good Reason to Stay Up

All writers have hobbies that they probably shouldn’t admit to publicly.  Whether they have an uncomfortable amount of knowledge about serial killers, or still unabashedly love the minions, everyone has a skeleton in their closet.

Mine happens to be mysterious disappearances. I love stories that involve perfectly normal people (for the most part) that just up and freakin’ vanish, like they're a magician that forgot the most important part of the trick. This is a somewhat unfortunate hobby of mine, as it usually involves many sleepless nights-both due to researching these stories, and to sitting in the corner of my room with all the lights on.

Most times of the year, I can keep this obsession under control, but the second October came I broke down and immediately began the search for more reasons to never go to sleep ever. On this hunt, summary videos like those by Matthew Santoro were a lifesaver. He did a video about ten unsolved disappearances that helped remind me of how badly I function without sleep. After all, as he put it,

“A friend or a loved one disappearing without explanation is a scary thought. However what you might not realize is that these things happen all the time.”

For those of you that are also on a crusade against a nights rest, you can watch the video here