The Goldilocks Lifestyle

Goldilocks Lifestyle

Recently I've noticed an unfortunate trend in my life. As I settle in for the coming semester and the stress and the stress and anxiety that are sure to follow in its wake, I've been experiencing unusual waves of sadness that wash over my mind at the end of each day, as I lay stranded, drowning in my bed. Though little has changed as compared to the first semester of school - in fact, my experience with classes has improved in many ways - I lay there still in stillness and sadness, kept awake by the nagging feeling that something is very wrong with my average and altogether ordinary life. From what I can parse of the seasick shambles of my waterlogged brain, my life is always moving too fast or too slow; I'm always doing too much, or not enough. I've dubbed this state the Goldilocks Lifestyle.


When I look over my life at the moment, I don't see a tortured soul struggling to get through his days - I see a boy who can never accept his current state. Perhaps that's just how I am, and I will never be satisfied with my place in the world; however, it's also possible that I can change my lifestyle and find happiness. This is the predicament posed by the Goldilocks Lifestyle; The nagging notion that one's life can always be better and that success is never worth celebrating. Small victories are nothing to the massive success stories that the mind can imagine, and so poor Goldilocks goes off seeking the perfect bowl of porridge that doesn't exist.


Why am I writing this? Well, I think - Or rather, I know - that I am not the only one who has fallen victim to this lifestyle of loss, to the perpetual hunger of the soul. So I write on. I write to say to you, reader, that you are not alone; You live your golden life in a world clad with precious metals, and all around you walk people with gilded hearts.


So live your lives, Goldilocks one through twenty-one million. Live your lives and know you are not alone.