"Gold Eyes"

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

Leaving her granny’s, a little past eight

The full moon was low, Sue knew she was late.

The trail to her home, was distant and dark

Traveling by moonlight, she thought it a lark.


The first quarter mile, the trail narrowed down

Sue’s feet felt the grass, though making no sound.

Breathing grew labored, with sweat on her brow

Sue plowed on ahead, no stopping her now.


Sue began trotting, expanding her pace

Trees that she passed by, leaves slapping her face.

Owls began screeching, screams piercing the night

Sue’d seen them before, they filled her with fright


Gold eyes appearing, ahead in the lane

Gave Sue a quick start, heart racing in pain

What could it be, she stopped in mid-stride

What does it intend, oh, where can I hide?


Sue didn’t come home, no signs left behind

The trail has gone cold, steps hard to find

Gold eyes is waiting, there near the trail

Waiting for someone, thus ends the tale.