Getting Creative With Inspiration

Look, we here at Milemarker know all about how tough it can be to find inspiration. I myself haven’t had an inspired thought in years.

In spite of this, there are dumb over-achievers all over the place for us to look at to get those creative juices flowing. If you were reading someone else’s article they might even be good people.

But no, this time around I think it’s time we gave the baddies the credit they don’t technically deserve. Because while the wide variety of ne’er do-wells only ever aspire to stealing the expensive brand of condoms from the local Walgreens, some take the game to a whole new level. After all,

“…we do admire the sort of tenacity that's only seen when a child ditches a hammer and goes straight for the steamroller when they want to torture their action figures. Which is why we can't help but be in awe of these crooks who performed ordinary crimes in what they assumed to be God Mode.”

Whether it be a tale of a getaway plane or a group of thieves that somehow managed to include an ANTI-TANK RIFLE in their hair-brained scheme, at least one of these stories is bound to give you some ideas. Here’s, uh…here’s hoping those are just ideas for a story, anyways.

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