Get Organized

In light of recent world events (and of course by that I mean the coronavirus), many colleges and schools have been canceling their face to face classes and turning them into online classes. For those who have never taken an online class, this change could be confusing and overwhelming. So, I have chosen to share some organizational tips that can help college students stay on top of things.

In the article, “15 Organizational Tips for College Students”, written by Sara Kendall, the author gives 15 great tips specifically for college students. One of my favorite tips she gives is number 15, “Sleep.” I’m sure that’s a favorite of everyone’s. But in all seriousness, I like this tip because of how I relate to it. With a good night’s sleep, you can perform at your highest. And I know when I don’t get a good night’s sleep, it can affect my immune system, causing me to wake up with a cold or an upset stomach. Another tip that college students can benefit from is number 6, “Set Daily Goals.” This tip relates to prioritizing. By setting daily goals, you can focus on the things that are more important and push the things that can wait until later aside. 

Overall, the article is focused on helping college students better manage their hectic lives while still maintaining a social life and getting the full experience of college. 

“College life involves a ton of academic responsibilities topped off with a huge dose of social activities. It’s challenging to balance work and fun. Get and stay organized, so you are able to meet all of your academic obligations and have time for your friends.”

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