Get Known!

Movie Director with Megaphone

Are you a young writer? Are you a writer that isn’t quite sure what to do with your works? Guess what! There is a magazine that you can submit your writing to that has over ONE MILLION READERS!!!! Yes, over one million people could read that poem you just wrote! This magazine takes all sorts of works: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, etc. And yes, there is also feedback! Art Peterson says that “It's not unusual for a particular piece of writing to elicit 400 comments.”

Well, what’s the name of the magazine already? Teen Ink! It is a magazine written by and for teens. It is said to be “the nation's largest publisher of teen work in print and online.”

Interested in getting your word out there? Definitely look into Teen Ink. There is absolutely no charge to submit or be published.

Go check it out now! For more information, click here.