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For some, writing is nothing more than a creative tonic, therapy.  But for others, we want more.  We want a livelihood.  A daunting task to be sure. Where to begin?  Where to look? And most importantly, where the money? 

After being rejected by the traditional sources (magazines, books, newspapers) we look online and find our salvation in freelance.  Editing, proofreading, content, they are all available as a freelance writer.  Of course, the openness of the web ushers in fierce competition.

In the following article from Leaving Work Behind, Quit Your Job and Build Your Best Life author Tom Ewer looks at how to become a freelance writer.


Let me get something straight: when I say you should be ready to start on modest pay, I am not suggesting that you work on so-called “content farms” (such as Text Broker, Elance and oDesk). Quite the opposite in fact. There is no reason that a reasonably competent writer can’t work on something real; something rewarding; something that you will be able to display in your portfolio with pride.


What are you waiting for?

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