Finals Week is Approaching!

Finals are here, and I couldn’t be more nervous. Now that I’m in college, I need to take my finals a little more serious. 

Not saying I didn’t take my finals in high school serious, but if we are honest, college is a lot harder than high school. In high school, the teachers would practically give you the answers. In college, we don’t get babied. We actually have to try. Again, I’m not saying that high school was easy, it’s just not as hard as college.


This semester, I have finals in Spanish, Creative Writing, Media Practicum, and Computer Applications. I’m not so worried about Computer Applications, I could honestly teach that class (not trying to brag). I have no clue what we are doing for Creative Writing, so I’m not as nervous about it because obviously, I won’t have to do any studying for it. However, I’m super nervous for my Spanish and Media Practicum finals. I’ll just come right out and say, I SUCK at Spanish. Seriously, if my life depended on me speaking Spanish, and Spanish, I’d be dead. Not kidding. We are allowed to use one front page of notes but, unless I can fit a Spanish dictionary on there, I’m doomed. Aside from Spanish, Media Practicum isn’t going to be pretty either. Half of the time, I don’t even know what’s going on in class. I really don’t know what we are doing for the final either, but I know it’s going to be hard because the course is already hard. All I know is, it’s probably not going to be a written test. Great. Either way, I hope to at least end the classes with B’s, I think I’d be satisfied with that.


Even though finals are something to dread, I will say there are some positives about finals that no one usually thinks about. Positive #1: You typically don’t have any homework the week of finals! Some might get a study guide, but they aren’t required to hand in most of the time. (I am not condoning skipping the study guide, you should study kids). But, it shouldn’t stress you out as much if you won’t get a grade on it. Positive #2: Finals approaching means you’re getting closer to break! Just think, once your final is over, you get a month of relaxation and holidays. You’ll get out of that boring routine of class, lunch, work, homework, sleep, repeat. And, you will get to see your family (I don’t know if everyone is huge on family time like me, but I’m just throwing that in there). Positive #3: Most classes only last one semester, so once you take the final, you never have to take that class ever again! For example, Spanish is only one semester, and I don’t plan on continuing a career that has to do with Spanish, so after this semester, I can say “adios!” to Spanish classes (adios means goodbye, I know that much). 


So, after my explanation of my upcoming finals and then reflecting back on the good parts about finals, I think I feel okay. I think most of us get all worked up about finals because of all the stuff we hear about them rather than what they are actually like. It’s like an instant reaction; you hear the word “finals,” and your brain instantly goes into panic mode when finals really aren’t all that bad. With that being said, I will update you guys next month on how I did to see if my words here really ring true.