Final Semester

Well, the time has come. I have spent three full semesters at Cowley and am finally in my last one. When I started attending, I was looking forward to this day, but now that it's finally just around the corner, I wish it wasn't so. Cowley really should be a four-year college. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that's going to miss Cowley and the friends that we've made and the good times that we had once we leave. It's always easier to say hello than to say goodbye.

As I look back at the much shyer me that started in 2016, I wish I would have told myself to stop being shy and go for it. I spent most of my first semester nervous that my writing was terrible and that people were judging me for not knowing big words like elucidate or non sequitur. But it was nothing like that. Most people that were in the small writing community at Cowley were on the same level as I was. They knew what they wanted to do but didn't know much about how to get published or other things along those lines. Everyone in this small community has been nothing but nice to me. They have shown me, in many ways, how to be a better writer, editor, and critic (in a good way). We have bonded a bit and have shared writings that were very personal to help ourselves and others that hear them. Although the community is much smaller this year since we lost quite a few last year from graduation, we are still together writing and enjoying one another.

Over the years, I have had to write a good handful of blogs and articles for this site and at first, I hated it, a lot. But, over time, I have grown to enjoy getting to have my voice heard on here (even though I'm not entirely sure anyone that I know has ever read any of my stuff on here). The experience that I have gotten from working on here and at other things at Cowley, I will cherish forever and will hopefully help me on my way to getting published.

I could lie and say that I'm not nervous about the future, but I don't like to lie, so I'm just going to say that I am nervous. Life always has this way of making you feel comfortable where you're at and when something comes along, better or worse, we tend to fear the change. There will be many moments in my life, and your own, were we will have to turn the page as Bob Seger likes to say, and open ourselves to other more challenging opportunities that our lives have to offer. I for one, am ready for the next chapter, the following slice of the pie, and the sequel to my college experience. I just hope that one day I can look back and know that I chose the right path for me, but I can't know that just yet.

I hope that everyone has a great semester. Don't party too hard. 

- Jc Pappan