Cowley Student (Vol. 6 - 2016)

Brushing my own brown hair behind my ears, I gazed at the lake in front of me.

The sun was just rising so the pink and violet hues of the morning was reflected on the calm water. The white sand underneath my boots felt soft, and my foot kicked a shell. Beaches around these parts were littered with the shells, some delicate, some hard as stone.

Cowley Student (Vol. 6 - 2016)

Charred, blackened earth crunches beneath me, crackling in the quietness like sharp thunder would after a brilliant lightning strike. Gray ash replaces the lush green grass that once grew on this lakeside and the blades left are brown and black and curled in on themselves, shriveled with pain. The water reflects the darkened sky above. Billowing smoke blocks the sunshine above, wafting up into the oxygen-deprived world around me.

Cowley Student (Vol. 6 - 2016)

Calvin was panting and had his hand on the doorknob when it was forcefully yanked away from him. His mother stood behind the door with a smile. He didn’t know what to make of this for it was quite the unusual event; very rarely would Calvin see his mother smile, and when she’d catch him watching her, her face would immediately become viciously scowl. “Sweetie! You’re home!

Cowley Alumni (Vol. 6 - 2016)

Lester tried to remain calm while standing on the wooden floor of the gallows. The black hood over his head and neck caused him to begin sweating. The beads on his forehead dripped down and stung his eyes. His bound hands prevented him from wiping the stinging salt away. He squinted hard instead trying to flush out the salt. He wondered how much longer before the moment came when the lever was pulled and he’d drop to the end of the rope around his neck.

Cowley Student (Vol. 6 - 2016)

It’s a Saturday night and I’ve decided to end it all. Margaret hasn’t called in awhile and I suppose that’s for the best. I left my television dinner on the balcony, and the cat has been eying it for hours. I suppose I’ll lie here on the sofa a little longer and let the time slip through my fingers.

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Student

It begins with one, one act creates life, one cell multiplies to form a being, one soul inhabits it’s every decision, one wrong choice or one right can determine a destiny, one diagnosis can defeat the will to survive; it all begins with one.

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

Becky pulled the trigger on her Remington ADL .30-06 rifle. The report echoed down the canyon for three seconds. The silence returned in the snow covered forest and Becky looked through her scope once more to verify that she had scored another trophy.

“Betcha didn’t see that comin’”, Becky said softly. Her green eyes squinted through her long red hair.

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Special Selection

I didn’t mean to steal the dead man’s arm.

It was spur of the moment, honest. I’m not usually like that, but my arm was being wonky and I needed a spare. It was there, and he didn’t need it. I didn’t look though, so now I have two lefts. Karma.

My father is currently lecturing me. I shouldn’t take limbs from strangers. I shouldn’t go out, and blahhhh. I know it was stupid, and I don’t care. I’m already undead.

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Student

CRAP, I just got double sat. “Hello, Anything I can get you folks to drink?” Smile. Don’t order coffee. You look like you want to order coffee.

“Do we have any drink specials?”

Thank god, we are going to end up with a high ticket tonight. “We have a couple new drinks, called the summer breeze and angel kiss, would you like me to tell you what’s in them?”

Smile. I’m selling so many new drinks, if only it were a contest.

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Staff

1. Regina, waking. (She frequently awoke confused, somewhat disoriented. She apparently had several recurring dreams. In her favorite, she was trapped inside a porno theater just off Times Square. She recalled that “the admission was free, but a ticket out always cost ten dollars more than I had in my pocket.”)

A 2015 Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Cowley Student

I like to think that it happened in a bar. I don’t know why; I suppose it’s more fitting. It actually happened in a theater. In both cases, the beginning is the same. I walk towards him with a purpose, disregarding the masses of bodies around me, I smile, and catch his attention by saying the one phrase I knew would set everything into motion.

Cowley Student (Vol. 5 - 2015)

My first tooth when I was eating a piece of fruit at my aunt’s house by the train tracks. My first dog, Winston, when he ran out into the road and didn’t see the car, I did though. My favorite doll from a past Christmas at the park where I fell in the mud. My “best friend” because I didn’t have the same clothes as her and my hair was light blonde instead of dark.

Cowley Student (Vol. 5 - 2015)

A clear night sky was all it took for Joel to know his place. It seemed that whenever he started to forget where he belonged, the stars were out to remind him of his place. He would sit in the backyard and stargaze. Sometimes his uncle would come and sit with him, but he wouldn’t normally last long. He wasn’t there the night it happened. The dark and the stars didn’t mean as much to him.

Cowley Student (Vol. 5 - 2015)

In an old house on the corner of 5th and Arrow there stands a humble, little house with a white picket fence. In that house against the living room wall is a majestic grandfather clock. Now I hope I’m not bragging when I say I’m majestic because the fact is I’m quite old; in fact, Mr. Jamison gave me to his wife as a wedding gift.

Cowley Student (Vol. 5 - 2015)

Where were you last night?” The words came from an old, withered man standing behind a glass window. The only hair on his head was on his face and in his ears. His left leg wobbled every now and then and he had to lean on the counter for support. “Hey, didn’t you hear me?”