A 2020 October Contest Winner: Cowley Faculty

Most people will tell ya it started the day after. But that ain’t true; It’d been creepin up for a long time, all slow like. Just got noisy that day.

A 2020 October Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

There were no stars, no moon, and no wind. Becky paced herself, placing her path down the middle of the road, away from the ditches as far as she could.

A 2020 October Contest Winner: Cowley Student

I faintly hear the muffled voice of the ride technician giving the countdown til departure. “Ten! Nine! Eight!” she chants.

The salty air stung my lungs as I rolled down the window to take in the ocean for the first time. It had been a long journey. Twenty-four hours in the car with the air conditioner only half working.

A 2019 Flash Fiction Winner: Cowley Alumni

“Paul, is that you?” Missy wondered. “You’re supposed to knock before coming in.”

Missy felt for her seeing eye cane and lifted it, swung it in an arc before her without intercepting anything.

A 2019 Flash Fiction Winner: Cowley Student

The silence was peaceful, stretched across the house like a thick, warm blanket. My cat was purring up a storm in my lap, eyes closed, tucked into herself. It was nice. Soft. Comfortable.

A 2019 Flash Fiction Winner: Cowley Student

I was sitting at my desk finishing some assignments near midnight when I heard a small knocking coming from within the house, and I froze, it was close.

A 2019 Flash Fiction Winner: Cowley Faculty

Just because they are enlightened, doesn’t mean they’re nice.

Cowley Student (Vol. 8: 2019)

A common Loon yodeled in the distance as the man sat on the bench to catch his breath. The fog rolling in as the sun crept closer to the horizon felt ominous.

Cowley Student (Vol. 8: 2019)

I did it!” she screamed, her blonde curls bouncing in the air as she jumped up. “I finally figured it out!” Janice didn’t say anything. She’d “figured it out” twelve times, and each time it hadn’t worked.

Cowley Alumni (Vol. 8: 2019)

Conner sat up in bed, wondering what time it was. There was light beginning to brighten the curtains on the windows, so dawn was here.

Cowley Student (Vol. 8: 2019)

I couldn’t help but rush to the apartment, I even debated whether or not to take the stairs. But I’d rather  not be sweaty for our reunion, so I settled for impatient foot tapping in the elevator to try and release some of my energy.

Cowley Student (Vol. 8: 2019)

The train whistle breaks the silence.  The road is lined with fluorescent signs and street lights, but no cars in sight. The school  is dark, and its playground equipment casts dreadful shadows across the turf.

Cowley Alumni (Vol. 8: 2019)

Mr. Harvey admired his 6’2”, 190-pound frame in the three full-length mirrors of The Gentry Shop. The high-class men’s store catered to the wealthy, powerful men who frequented their establishment.

Cowley Staff (Vol. 8: 2019)


I prayed.

I prayed every day in Siberia.  For seven years, six months, and five days I prayed with fervor.  Time was painful.  Not an hour or even a second escaped me.