Feeding Your Villainous Appetite

Writer with typewriter and crumpled papers all around him

The villain: the (wo)man, the myth, the legend. Villains often plague the protagonist and tear at our heart. The 'bad guy' qualities make them much more irresistible than the good guy. They have to earn the reader’s appreciation, as opposed to the savior who’s loved automatically. The villain is the darkness where there is light and can give a story its true depth. However, creating one of these dementedly beautiful creatures may be a complex beast to forge.

Luckily, others have gone the distance to find the ingredients to make the perfect villain. Look no further than “How to Write Evil, Awesome Villains,” a savory article masterfully assembled by Rebecca Harrison.

Here’s a sample of what one can anticipate:

"The villain is the catalyst of external conflict, the obstacle standing between your hero and his ultimate goal. He is the opposition of your hero’s positive ideal, or driving nature—the personification of your negative ideal— and he is also responsible for raising the stakes and creating a sense of dread, danger, and suspense."

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