Elusive Creativity

Human with Brain Open and Gears Coming Out

It is what as writers, artists, musicians we yearn for (well, the best of us do).  It is what keeps us up at night as we struggle to pound it into the unnatural void in our head, but it is to no avail. 

And then, one day when we were jogging or showering or driving home from work it floats back to us like a monarch butterfly after winter.  Lightly, it finds its place on our shoulder. 

Where have you been? We ask.  No doubt as kids we tried grabbing it and maybe even put a pin through it to keep it in our control. But all that does is kill what draws us to it.  Although the monarch is beautiful and mysterious, the true miracle is that it landed on us at all.

In the following article from Psychology Today, D. Goleman discusses elusiveness of creativity and what we can do to become more open to it. 

When people reflect on those times when they have been most fully creative and expressive, they often describe it as a "letting-go" experience. It is at that point that creativity occurs.  It may be in doing vigorous exercise or in concentrating on some simple, repetitive task. It may be just as you are falling asleep, in dreams, or just as you are waking up. Many find that they routinely get a useful insight in the shower. Meditating, stretching, playing an instrument, dancing—these are other ways that people have of surrendering to their own creativity.

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