Earth Hour

Human in Panda Bear Costume carrying Baby Panda Bear

Earth hour is an organization out of Singapore directly connected to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Their mission is to unite everyone on the earth to come together to protect the planet. This year their big event occurred on March 19th. Earth hour is an event put on by WWF that promotes taking steps to preserve the planet that we have left by tuning off the lights. For an hour, major monuments and buildings go dark.

The event started in Sydney, in 2007, as a message that climate change is real and is very dangerous to the world. Since then, the amounts of countries and territories that participate have skyrocketed; this year there were one hundred and seventy two. Since this started there has been many famous people, and government officials that have stepped up to spread the word and get people to pay attention.  Some places that have participated include: The Golden Gate Bridge, The Empire State Building, The Eiffel Tower, and the Coliseum in Rome.  In 2015, Earth Hour became the biggest movement for the environment.

WWF is also an organization that plays a global role to defend the environment. Members talk to government officials about laws to shield the environment from further damage and make the problems relatable to people. They believe it is very important for everyone to be educated and be a part of the solution. The event itself has encouraged people to go out and try to make a difference. Citizens in Brazil are trying to get laws in place to keep forests safe while citizens in the Galapagos are pushing for the outlaw of plastic.  This movement is also driving the awareness of the vulnerability of agriculture. Climate Change could completely change the environment of a place which then changes the availability of food. To help people figure out how to deal with this, Earth Hour made a cookbook to advocate eating and drinking food wisely. If you want to learn more about the organization or about the event, click here