E-books and the Real Deal

Do you prefer to read a physical book or an E-book? I personally have read from both and prefer to read long books (typically over 400 pages) on my Kindle but read shorter books (under 400 pages) in a paperback. Although I do enjoy reading with the lights off and with a Kindle or Nook or whatever you prefer, that is possible. I can snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a nice read. But when I use my Kindle my eyes tend to get tired from staring at a bright screen for three hours straight trying to finish the newest Game of Thrones book. Also from time to time, I will get distracted by all the cool features that it has or look up the origins of words. A really cool thing about E-books is that you can find books by amateur authors that are typically pretty cheap and you even have the opportunity to have your works published in the electronic world for others to read.

When I read a physical book, I tend to remember more of the story and comprehend more as well. Same with writing, if I have a physical page that I have written on, then I tend to remember what it says and my ideas seem to flow and develop more deeply than if I just used Microsoft Word. I'm not trying to make E-books look bad because there not, I'm just trying to say that sometimes a real book can be better. Haveing a real book can be a pain sometimes when they weigh a ton (that's why I read long books on my Kindle so I don't have to carry it around everywhere) and also when the words are in a font that your eyes just don't like. With an E-reader, you can change the font style and even the size to appeal more to your eyes. One thing that Kindles frustrate me about is that if I forget something, and want to look it up, it can be tricky to find it because I have to shuffle through hundreds of pages, but with a physical book it is easier to flip the page. From time to time when I am reading on my Kindle, I will run out of battery. This would not be a big problem if I was at home all the time, but when I normally read, I'm either at work or under a tree where I have no charger for it. This is another reason why real books can be good because you don't need to charge a book.

Either way, both books, and E-books are awesome. If you enjoy a good book as much as I do, then you won't really care too much if you are forced to read it physically or over a screen as long as you get to enjoy the journey that each book has to offer. So get off of the computer screen, pick up a book or your preferred brand of E-reader, open it up and enjoy a good book.