Cowley Student (Vol. 7: 2017)


What makes us “different”?

Is it the color of our skin?

Or whether my hair blows with the wind?

“Different” is a label that society has put on our society to mean that we cannot be or succeed in the same reality of the ones who bleed just like me

Can’t you see?

This is just anatomy.

What I mean is that we are derived from the same human being

That me and you and you and me are inseparable

So at the end of the day, the way that I dress and the things that I say are not what separate us, but what makes us the same.


Is it where I live on Earth?

Or is it my religious views and morals?

Do you understand that because I am loyal to who I am, that it goes hand in hand to manifest and create this Earths’ beautiful surface that we call land?  

I need you to listen to me when I say that we come from the smallest entity

It is basic chemistry

Believe me.

The atoms collided to create what you perceive and the possibilities

The notion that I couldn’t travel across the oceans and the seas and see someone who reminds me of me


Is it because the egoic mind has created labels and signs that separate and divide?

See the world is only vibrational frequencies, there is no him, there is no she.

Our conscious mind is the only real thing

The only thing that is consistently at peace

This is psychology.

The subconscious mind is constantly destroying our peace inside which is the reason for hate, strife, and crime.

Our issues start with the noise in our mind.


 There is us,

Once we set our minds free, we tap into our inner being and we discover two things:

There is no such thing as labeling and that I am you and you are me

There is no “difference”