"The Crypt"

A 2017 October Contest Winner: Cowley Alumni

Nothing could diminish my goosebumps as I watched the lid to the wooden coffin in the old ruin’s cellar began to rise, emitting an eerie, hair-raising squeak.

Slowly, the hundred -year old lid traversed from a brief opening and widened as my heart raced, my brain trying to tell my feet to run. When I saw the fleshless fingers creep over the edge of the lid, my mouth opened to scream, but nothing came out as my lungs were held with one breath. Then a loud exhale from the creature vented, providing a dense fog of white emanating from behind the lid, rising toward the dank, stone ceiling. My eyes locked on the hideous face that appeared, and my limbs collapsed beneath me, sending me to the cold dirt floor, wondering if I’d ever lived to tell about the stupid dare I had agreed to with my friends.