Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clown

Imagine that you are walking home after just getting off of work. It's dark outside and you still have a few blocks to walk before you make it home. You start hearing rustling sound from behind you, so you turn to look and come face to face with a clown.

According to WIBW in Topeka, "Spooky clown sightings have been reported in ten states so far, and now this hair-raising trend has made its way to Topeka."

Clowns are scary, everyone knows that. For a while now people have been seeing clowns in the woods or stalking people or even lurking in peoples back yard. But now these clowns have moved into Kansas and has even been sighted in Topeka. Some say that they will try to kill you by luring you into the woods but some say they are just trying to scare you and become famous over the internet or maybe they are killer clowns from outer space. But no one really knows what they are doing for sure so for now just be aware of what is going on and stay safe because you never know if the person under the mask is just joking or really wants to harm you.

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