Creativity in Anti-Social Media

In the first decade of my life, social media was born. Facebook was founded in 2004, Youtube was founded in 2005, Twitter was founded in 2006, Instagram was founded in 2010, and Snapchat was founded in 2011.

While social media was on the run, the iPhone took its first steps in 2007 and continued to advance every year. I have always told myself I was born in the wrong generation. Before I was introduced to social media, I was a lot happier. My childhood years were much more straightforward when social media and smartphones weren’t part of my life. Back when we had real conversations on the bus ride to school and said hi to each other, walking down the halls. Now, people sit on their devices with headphones to avoid talking to anyone they might know, and walking down the halls or sidewalk; people are always on their phones to avoid eye contact with others. I am sad to admit, I have used these tactics before. However, as high school went on, I tried to make myself break from those habits. When I walked down the halls, I would stay off my phone and say hello to everyone I saw. 

Social media has had some adverse effects on my life. In middle school, when I first got my Snapchat, it got hacked and sent inappropriate images to everyone. The next day at school, everyone was making fun of me, and I cried in the bathroom. I went to the counselor, and she told me social media is dangerous. So, of course, I ended up deleting my Snapchat, but I made a new one a week later. Of course, things have still happened over social media, but it’s hard to get away from it because it is the only way people communicate anymore. Instead of people asking for each other’s numbers, they say, “what’s your Instagram handle?” or “what’s your snap?”.

You may be wondering why I titled this post, “Creativity in Anti-Social Media”. I mentioned earlier how I challenged myself in high school to stay off my phone walking down the halls and say hello to everyone. Now, I challenge you to find different ways in your everyday routine to break from your habits and notice more in the world around you. Strike up and conversation at the store or the gym. Keep your headphones off and your head up from your phone. Be creative and look for opportunities to meet new people in real life rather than through social media. You might surprise yourself, just as I have.