Counting the Minutes

Every minute spring break draws nearer, so does the moment my older sister says I do. With only days away, the stress comes in frequent waves, and I have recently moved in with her, am on the front lines of the tsunami of stress. Should I say wedding central, every moment that it draws near another problem arises, and my job as the maid of honor, is to keep her happy because no one wants a bridezilla. When she is in a bad mood it spreads, as they do most times.

The most recent problem we encountered was that the person who was originally supposed to decorate the chapel had no Idea she was supposed to. It took a very long phone call with our more creative grandmother to work out decorations, and make this wedding better, or at least acceptable. While working for wedding central, I have to make sure my school work doesn’t suffer, and as the first half of the semester is almost over all projects and papers are due. I know if I had paced myself and planned out my schoolwork ahead of time I wouldn’t have this problem. But as most college students do, I procrastinate a lot.

With days till the wedding and most of my projects done and everything is falling into place, I have but a few thoughts. I will succeed and prosper. This wedding will happen without flaw. My sister and her future husband really are in love. So while counting the minutes until that fateful moment I have to take a few minutes, a deep breathe and relax, because what happens, happens, and there’s nothing I can really do to change that. I truly hope that it all works out for the best possible outcomes and that I pass this semester.