Character Writing

About a month in, and I’ve already bit off more than I can chew.

You see, in one of my classes the point is to do one sustained, semester-long writing project. For some reason, I was riding the self-improvement train, which led me to choose the subject of my writing to be characters. The goal is not to just have snappy dialogue, but deep, well-thought-out individuals once the dust settles.

Naturally, this has led to a bit of a blind panic as the realization of what I’ve just signed myself up for has sunk in. A quick google search and some frantic reading later, and I’ve found a few handy-dandy tips that I figured would be good to share.

In particular, the people of NowNovel have taken it upon themselves to suffer for the sake of people like me with their article on character writing. After all, as they put it;

 Great novel characters share common features: Distinct, authentic voices, character development, clear goals and motivations, strengths and flaws.

Their advice ranges from creating interesting interaction with the environment, to how best to use secondary characters. For even the most seasoned of writers, populating a novel with interesting people can be a daunting task, so sometimes it's best to address an article like this.

For the full article, click here