Character Creation

One of the best parts of starting a new campaign in D&D or FATE Core is creating new characters. From picking abilities and rolling stats to making your character’s backstory. It’s fun to see your character finally come together. It’s because of this that even when I don’t have any new campaigns coming up, I continue to come up with ideas for characters. One such idea is about a young man who is looking for his friend. He won’t say anything about his friend other than that they were close. The truth about his friend is a bit more complicated than that though as the young man isn’t exactly normal and neither is his friend.

            As a child, he had a strong and vivid imagination. He’d always go out into the woods around his home and explore imagining himself delving into dungeons and slaying great beasts. What he didn’t realize was that he had the ability to bring things in and out of reality through his imagination and will power. So, when he imagined getting injured, he was startled to find that the injury was real. He tried to explain to his parents what had happened, but they didn’t believe him. After all, how could a child possible have survived an encounter with dangerous monsters. This led to him to begin questioning reality as he started to wonder if the things he was experiencing were truly happening. Despite this, his imagination continued to grow as he started to dive into the realm of books and stories. One subject that fascinated him was dragons. His fascination grew so great that he decided he wanted a dragon of his own and because this, the child didn’t even give it a second thought when he found a dragon egg deep within the forest. What he didn’t realize was that the dragon egg was a figment of his mind brought about by his will to have a dragon of his own. Eventually the dragon hatched and over the years it grew. As it grew, though the child didn’t realize it, the dragon began to fully realize as a construct of the child’s mind. In simpler terms, the dragon became real. Time continued to move forward, and the child spent more and more of his time out in the woods with his new friend. Eventually his parents began to worry due to the amount of time he was spending out there and began to fear for his life as stories of a dragon being spotted in the area started to spread throughout the village. When the child came home, he was distraught to hear that his parents didn’t want him to go out into the forest anymore. Hearing this, he quickly ran out to go to his dragon with the intentions of running away with him. When he got there however, his friend was gone and no matter how hard the child looked for the dragon, he could not find him. Eventually, he had to go back home due to hunger. His parents were not pleased and after punishing him, they didn’t let him out of their sight for the rest of their childhood. Everyone in the village forgot about the dragon sightings as time went on but the child never forgot. When he finally became old enough to become an adventurer, he left to find the friend that left without a trace.

            Ever sense I gave life to this character I’ve wanted to play him but haven’t had the opportunity to play him. On top of that, there are many other characters I want to play. As time goes on, more characters come to life in my mind and they will continue to do so long as I play Role Playing Games.