"Breakfast for Conner"

Cowley Alumni (Vol. 8: 2019)

Conner sat up in bed, wondering what time it was. There was light beginning to brighten the curtains on the windows, so dawn was here.

He stretched his legs and licked his dry lips; the night air had low humidity during the winter when the furnace ran. The house remained silent as no one else stirred from their slumber.

Conner got out of bed and went into the kitchen for a drink of water. That made his lips feel better. He scratched an itch he suddenly had on his shoulder. This was going to be a good day. Conner strolled into the living room, sat in his favorite chair and looked out the living room window. It was quiet outside too. The neighborhood was just waking up like he did. Across the street, the homeowner was backing out of his garage, going somewhere, but Conner didn’t care. People were always going somewhere for whatever reason. Conner didn’t think anything of it and only thought about breakfast now. He always looked forward to breakfast. He wondered if the guy across the street liked breakfast like he did. Conner heard the others stirring from their beds. A toilet flushed, and murmurs broke the silence of the morning. Breakfast would be soon. Conner headed for the kitchen in anticipation. When everyone sat down at the table, Conner would enjoy eating breakfast. It was the waiting that annoyed him. He’d just bide his time. Soon, everyone was sitting at the breakfast table. As the woman served the last dish, she came over to Conner.

“Here you are, Conner,” as she sat his bowl of kibble down on the floor next to his water bowl.

Finally! Breakfast at last.  Conner wagged his tail as he ate.