Boosting Creativity

Person Holding Humpty Dumpty

Creativity can be very difficult to manage or find at times. I know this from experience. As I searched the web attempting to find something to spark my creativity I chanced upon an article called  "7 Ways to Boost Creativity"  that actually spoke about ways to boost creativity. This article gives the reader seven different ways to boost their creativity and to help the flow of thought move better and at a more constant pace.

The articleis very informative and a good read. 

Gregory Ciotti wrote this article in the "Creative Blocks" section of the website 99u. His seven steps to boosting creativity are definitely worth checking out and reading through. The article is not overly long and overwhelming. It is a highly manageable read. Gregory brings up many examples in his article on how to boost creativity and it is highly enjoyable. He brings up ideas like using original ideas instead of  building off of old ideas, or to stay positive as much as possible because "negative moods can sometimes spur creativity, researchers have found that it is during strong positive moods that our best creative work is done". To check out this blog simply click the link here