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Onu's Dream

When I took Marlys Cervantes’s creative writing class, I found that I exceled at most of the writing prompts I was asked to complete. I knocked out short stories, long stories, everything in between. But when we hit the poetry block, I was worried. I wasn’t the best with poetry, and I feared that I wasn’t smart enough or creative enough to write a decent poem. I tried and tried to think of an idea, but nothing came. Until one night as I lay awake, I began to think of the things I have created. Previous works, characters I had created, worlds sprung forth from my mind. Then it hit me.

The L.O.C Foundation

It's no secret among my friends and family that I am an avid fanfiction reader and writer. I love the stories that I experience, and always wanted to contribute my own works to the mix. To see something that I created spark the same joy that I feel when I read something I love. But my first works were rather...dull.