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Dodge a Daily Schedule

If you are anything like me, then your have a daily schedule that you follow. Mine is pretty simple. I have to go to classes, go to work, do at least one sudoku puzzle (to keep my mind fresh) feed my dog and myself, do my chores, read at least a chapter in a book, keep my space tidy, many other random things,  and finally write at least one page worth of content whether it be for class or for myself.


No animals were harmed in the making of this blog (although I was eating a double bacon cheeseburger while I edited this). Eat less chicken and eat more beef. If you just happen to be a vegetarian or really like cows, then this blog is not for you.


Everyone loves a tv show that gets you hooked instantly and one of those shows is Longmire. This past week some of the MMR staff got the chance to go up to OSU campus and meet the author of Longmire. I know you are probably shocked there are actually books, most people are. The author is Craig Johnson and he currently has thirteen Longmire mystery novels out, along with four short story collections that are based on Walt Longmire's life.

The Wonderful Smell of Books

Everyone has smelled a new book and an old book and have chose which smell they like better. I personally prefer the smell of old books. This smell is what draws us to the library or to bookstores to pick out a different book to sit down read and occasionally, shove our face into the center of the crease and smell it. Don't deny it. We all have done it at least once.

Holiday Season

This time of year is my favorite because it gets cold and there are three major holidays back to back. This is the time of the year were we can just sit back and relax while enjoying life and time off from school and work.

Nimrod Conference

Last weekend, four students, two teachers, and I went to the Nimrod Journal's writing conference in Tulsa Oklahoma. It was the first time that I had ever been to a writing conference let alone any conference, so I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got there. At the conference, they had many different classes that you could take but the one that I took was Publishing 101.

Being a Freshman

Being a freshman is hard. You come from a high school schedule where you come to school at the same time every day and leave at the same time every day.

Constitution Day

Constitution day was on the 16th this year and Cowley had a pizza party for anyone that showed up. But in order to get in, you had to sign your name on a piece of paper that let you get free pizza and pop. Little did we know that in the fine print, It said that if we signed the paper, we would be signing off are rights. All of them.