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Counting the Minutes

Every minute spring break draws nearer, so does the moment my older sister says I do. With only days away, the stress comes in frequent waves, and I have recently moved in with her, am on the front lines of the tsunami of stress. Should I say wedding central, every moment that it draws near another problem arises, and my job as the maid of honor, is to keep her happy because no one wants a bridezilla. When she is in a bad mood it spreads, as they do most times.

Planet Comicon

Take me to Comic-Con. Every year in Kansas City there is a comic book convention called Planet Comicon. This year I was lucky enough to go for at least one day and let me tell you it was one heck of a day. I started out this journey on Saturday, February 17th, the people I was traveling with gathered together in one vehicle. We drove for three hours making a few stops on the way. We stayed overnight in a small Inn on the outskirts of Kansas City.

Valentine's Day

The day of love, growing up Valentine’s day wasn’t about dates or romance. In my home, my parents would buy me and my siblings presents. Normally a box of heart chocolates and a stuffed animal. Some of my favorite presents were a pink bear, a bunny in a vest, and a heart shaped box of trollies gummy worms. On better years maybe a toy or headphones, on the bad years the little heart shaped candies. Every year we got something, it was a day of love.