X-Raying Pregnant Women

For many people, conflict is an occurrence that is to be avoided at all costs. It is uncomfortable. It provokes anxiety and at times anger. Conflict is seen as the enemy. But to others, conflict is the conduit through which progress flows. When two people give and take in order to produce the best possible product, conflict is directing their actions. This is known as constructive conflict.

The Christmas Spirit

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year. Jingling bells decking the halls and driving me directly up the side of the wall with their bothersome yuletide carols. The snowing and bustling traffic that plagues the people of the interstate tears families apart more often than the times that they bring the families together; and who is to blame them for having to read the same exact things every thirty minutes.

Shed the Shell

A new year signifies a new experience among students and instructors alike, ready to learn more about the world around them. How could this milestone be hurtful or helpful? This momentous occasion is just one more step into how your future is altered or changed from what it could be, after all.