Butterbeer here. Butterbeer there. Butterbeer everywhere!

The cupcake recipe I’m about to give you is one of the best recipes that I’ve ever ran across and made. I can’t make cake from scratch to save my life, but I can make these Butterbeer cupcakes. Yes, you heard me right. Butterbeer. Like from Harry Potter. It exists, and you can find the drink at Hogwarts in Universal Studios, Orlando, or at the Harry Potter theme park in England.

Why Female Protagonists are Important to Me

I despised reading the required books I was assigned in high school. I could never pinpoint why I hated reading Of Mice and Men, I Am the Cheese, The Outsiders, and various other books that got so much praise from my classmates and teachers. There were many instances where I refused to even read the book, preferring to just skim it to get the necessary information I needed in order to pass my assignments. It wasn’t until after taking a women’s literature class my senior year that I realized why I hated reading these books: Nearly every single one of them had male protagonists.

Corporate America and the Creative Employee

Depending on who you are, the words "Corporate America" can bring up different images in your mind. For some, a man in a successful business suit smiling as he leaves his job comes to mind. For others, they envision the clock in and clock out way of life that suffocates and distorts a person's dreams. Many other images of the very concept of "Corporate America" exist in media. I think fondly of shows like Mad Men or The Office. It's all a part of the rite of passage when entering the workforce to become engrossed in what the corporations of America have to offer you; I think the real question should be what can you offer them?

Grunge Sponge

Grunge was something fierce in the 90’s, but the hype had to die at some point, which really sucks. It was invented -or created, or dug up, who really knows-in the mid 80’s because everyone in this country had problems then, but surprisingly in early 90’s, it sparked huge attention to bands like Nirvana or Sublime.

Just Write

An anonymous quote I found read, “Today – I will. Tomorrow – I will. There is no muse. There is only me, and what I do or do not do.” I think this applies to writing in many ways. We always tell ourselves when and what we’re going to write, if you’re anything like myself. Also if you’re anything like myself, you know this doesn’t work. Any time I set aside a time for myself to write, I feel forced. I feel pressured, I feel like I can’t do it.

X-Raying Pregnant Women

For many people, conflict is an occurrence that is to be avoided at all costs. It is uncomfortable. It provokes anxiety and at times anger. Conflict is seen as the enemy. But to others, conflict is the conduit through which progress flows. When two people give and take in order to produce the best possible product, conflict is directing their actions. This is known as constructive conflict.