Temporarily Illiterate

I haven’t finished a book in six months. I made it halfway through Tolkien’s The Silmarillion before I had to give up. Women Who Run with the Wolves gave me 20 pages before I reluctantly put it away. I’ve been trying to finish The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson since I met the author in November. I’m only on chapter nine. I want to read the wonderful books I’ve collected for years.


No animals were harmed in the making of this blog (although I was eating a double bacon cheeseburger while I edited this). Eat less chicken and eat more beef. If you just happen to be a vegetarian or really like cows, then this blog is not for you.

The Waiting Game

Rejection. It’s a scary word. Especially in the world of writers. You’ve put your heart and soul into this story and placing it in the hands of a publishing company is like sending your only child to kindergarten and hoping all goes well. All day you’re anxious about how they’re faring in the big scary world away from home.

Cowley and Writing

Cowley is a great place to be involved in writing. There are so many opportunities through Creative Claws and Mile Marker. One of the big parts of writing is just doing it every day, having both these classes plus creative writing and literature makes that easy for me. I have heard a few things about events in Ark city where people present their written work, which sounds very interesting.


Everyone loves a tv show that gets you hooked instantly and one of those shows is Longmire. This past week some of the MMR staff got the chance to go up to OSU campus and meet the author of Longmire. I know you are probably shocked there are actually books, most people are. The author is Craig Johnson and he currently has thirteen Longmire mystery novels out, along with four short story collections that are based on Walt Longmire's life.

The Wonderful Smell of Books

Everyone has smelled a new book and an old book and have chose which smell they like better. I personally prefer the smell of old books. This smell is what draws us to the library or to bookstores to pick out a different book to sit down read and occasionally, shove our face into the center of the crease and smell it. Don't deny it. We all have done it at least once.

Positive Affirmations and the Lonely Hearts Club

I’m running a brush through my hair. I’m rinsing out my mouth with Listerine. Now, I’m sauntering over to my bed while grinding my teeth. These past few weeks have been devastating. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster that has sped up and slowed down. I want to get off the ride now, and yet the speed of this rollercoaster has my vision in the blur. I’m shaking. I’ve truly done it this time. I’ve really made a mess of things.

Rape Culture

One of the things that seems to keep popping up in society lately is rape culture. This is a subject I am very interested in and very passionate about. The reason? I’m a woman, and I will not stand to see women’s right objectified when we have worked so hard to get where we are. I do not hate men. I know there are flaws on both ends of the spectrum from men to women.

Double Trouble

Let me tell you about my twin sister. Bryana Paige Hess. Born on September 30, 1997 at 5:02 pm. She has long, super curly hair and green eyes. She stands at a height of 5’10. I, Aryana Marie Hess, was born on September 30, 1997 at 5:01 pm. I have medium length wavy hair and brown eyes. I am currently 5’5.