Cow Town

This week, a group of writers and myself got to explore the original town of Wichita better known as "Cow Town." We all loaded up on the bus and headed there. I didn't know what to expect because no one really told me what Cow Town was. I thought it was just a town that had loads of cows walking around it. When we got there, there were no cows in sight.

Culinary Improvisation

I cannot say for sure when I first tried cooking on my own. I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen. In a family of nine, peeling potatoes and watching the pot of soup was a part of the deal for us kids. I honestly do not know how people function without knowing how to cook for themselves. To me, it was as natural a part of growing up as learning how to drive or wash my own clothes.

The Rut

I am a fierce lover of technology. I spend a significant amount of time on my laptop each day browsing social media, researching for my current literary project, engaging in homework for my classes, including writing blogs like this for Mile Marker Review. I play video games on my Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS, one of my favorite hobbies. I even read books and stories on my tablet, immersing myself in the fictional worlds I love. But sometimes technology can be my creative downfall.

Writing Classes

Over the past two semesters of my first year of college, I have taken four creative writing classes. Each one has helped me in various ways. If you want to write even if it's just for fun, I recommend finding one that suits you and pursuing it. They are very helpful and you will learn a lot. The only thing you need is a want to write to pass.

A Love Letter to Stories

Stories have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Memories of my mom reading to me are some of my most cherished. Being swept away to adventures that took form in my mind was, and is, my favorite form of magic. At five years old I came to the moment that is burned into my mind. Finally, I was to learn how to translate the black and white symbols into words. Slowly those symbols began to make sense, until I could read the stories I so loved.

E-books and the Real Deal

Do you prefer to read a physical book or an E-book? I personally have read from both and prefer to read long books (typically over 400 pages) on my Kindle but read shorter books (under 400 pages) in a paperback. Although I do enjoy reading with the lights off and with a Kindle or Nook or whatever you prefer, that is possible. I can snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a nice read.

Caffeine-Induced Inspiration

My favorite coffee shop is moving. The moment I heard, my heart sunk. A part of the city I have come to call home will be changing. In the weeks that followed the news I asked myself why I, why any of us, become so attached to places. When it moves locations, it will have the same owner, probably the same baristas, and yet, a part of it will be gone.

Dodge a Daily Schedule

If you are anything like me, then your have a daily schedule that you follow. Mine is pretty simple. I have to go to classes, go to work, do at least one sudoku puzzle (to keep my mind fresh) feed my dog and myself, do my chores, read at least a chapter in a book, keep my space tidy, many other random things,  and finally write at least one page worth of content whether it be for class or for myself.

Temporarily Illiterate

I haven’t finished a book in six months. I made it halfway through Tolkien’s The Silmarillion before I had to give up. Women Who Run with the Wolves gave me 20 pages before I reluctantly put it away. I’ve been trying to finish The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson since I met the author in November. I’m only on chapter nine. I want to read the wonderful books I’ve collected for years.


No animals were harmed in the making of this blog (although I was eating a double bacon cheeseburger while I edited this). Eat less chicken and eat more beef. If you just happen to be a vegetarian or really like cows, then this blog is not for you.