Benefits of Silence

Sitting in silence without any entertainment in not easy in our society. Some people are turned off at the idea of meditation without really understanding it. Something as simple as focusing on taking deep breaths, walking and clearing your mind, or even coloring can be meditative. One benefit that I found interesting when reading an article from Psych Central was the creative benefits of meditation. The practice is centered in being present in the moment and allowing the flow of thoughts to come and go naturally. It can help to let go of the distracting thoughts and bring you back to the moment.

It is easier now, more than ever to be entertained with just a few clicks. While we can be inspired by those things, to really see inside yourself and bring out the story or artwork that is desperate to get out, we have to be quiet. Even bored. One of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, has been known to go on social network fasts where he cuts himself off of the digital world. Because, as he said in a recent interview with Seth Meyer, ”Ideas come from daydreaming. They come from drifting.”

It takes practice and will power to stay away from the distractions on our phones, computers, and TVs. But if you want to be creative and find your own voice, silence is needed. So lets all take those moments to be bored and see what our minds come up with.

“Meditation quiets the mind, and a quieter mind is more likely to have room for new and better ideas about the challenges one faces in life, business, and art.”

“First, Open-Minded meditation induces a control state that promotes divergent thinking, a style of thinking that allows many new ideas of being generated. Second, Focused Attention meditation does not sustain convergent thinking, the process of generating one possible solution to a particular problem.” Meditation may equal more ideas.”

Read the Psych Central Article here.

You can watch the Neil Gaiman interview clip here.