Becoming an Adult

The school year is just starting, and I am already swamped. Between work, school, and social life, I don't have much time to just sit around a be lazy anymore like I did last year. Is it because I'm more of an adult now? Probably not. For my first blog of the year, I want to write about something most of us hate to talk about. Yes, becoming an adult. The scariest and most exciting this we will ever do. Here a few things that I have had to deal with the past year.

Now, I know I'm probably not the greatest person to discuss this topic since I am still a child at heart and always will be, but someone has to do it. As we start getting older, we have to become more independent. No more asking mom and dad for money to go to the movies or to buy new clothes. Nope. Now we have to provide our own money for that. We start getting bills for our cell phones, college, credit cards, etc. That means most of our money will be going towards the things we need like food, heat, shelter. That also means less money will be going towards things we want like movies, video games, and other cool things.

The next step is to start being more responsible. I struggle with this so much. We need to focus on school even when we don't necessarily want to. College is important, and we need to do our best because what we are doing now is building a foundation for our future. If we fail or get bad grades, it could affect us in the future, like losing a job to someone that got straight A's. There are times when our friends will ask us to go hang out, but we need to make sure that we stay diligent and finish our homework to the best of our abilities before we spend time with friends. I'm not saying that we should just blow off our friends just so you can get an extra hour of studying because being social is important. What I am saying is that we need to have a healthy balance between school and friends.

The final step to becoming an adult is to not forget that you were a kid. We need to remember that we are adults, but that doesn't mean that we can't have fun. We have responsibilities that we didn't have when we were kids but we still need to take time to have a little fun with our lives.Being a kid was great because we had loads of fun and we always wished we could be older so that we could do adult things like drive cars. But as we become adults, we wish that we could be a kid again so that we don't look like an idiot playing with legos. So take some time from your busy adult schedule to enjoy yourself. Go hang out with friends, go to the movies, do what ever makes you happy and feel like a kid again.