"Bacon and Eggs"

Cowley Student (Vol. 5 - 2015)

All I do is dream about food
Breakfast can be had at any time of day
Canceling the idea that eggs are only meant for mornings
Dancing sugarplums fill my thoughts
Epitomizing my lust for sweets
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about the caloric value
Gaining weight doesn’t equal the end of the world
Having confidence and being healthy
It’s the way we see ourselves that is the most essential
Judiciously reflecting on more important things
Keeping up with current events
Learning a new language, or two (or three)
Mastering the art of iambic pentameter
New experiences and new people
Opening doors to entirely uncharted territories
Perhaps even dinner dates with the stranger from the bookstore
Quite ironic really since I met him in the romance section
Reading the first chapter to Outlander
Smiling awkwardly at one another
Turning the pages of the menu
Until the waitress comes back
Verifying the idea that foods should be had at any time of day
When he orders the eggs Benedict and then dessert
X Y and Z reasons that this man has captured my attention
Yielding to the conversation
Zeniths merging into one over the last piece of tiramisu