Art Therapy Is Real

Thursday at work, I was assisting customers as usual when a lady started talking to our pharmacist about her new outdoor project she started. Then our pharmacist replied, “Well, now is the time to do it.” and that got me thinking...why not start a new project!


If you are like me and you live in an apartment, you can’t do very many outdoor projects.

Luckily, there are so many other projects that can be done inside. However, today I am going to narrow it down and talk about one suggestion: Art Therapy! Yes, art therapy is a real thing. I was messing around on Google trying to find some new amateur painting projects to do when I stumbled upon the article, “Spontaneous Art Activities for Teens,” written by Shelley Klammer. Klammer is a therapist and expressive art educator, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. In the opening of her article, she states, 

“My challenge was to make art-making fun and interesting - in a way that was expressive but not overtly therapeutic or requiring of talent.”

Throughout her article, she lists 22 different ideas for teens to do with art and painting. Most of her suggestions were based on her real-life experiences with some of the teens she had worked with. One teen told her a story about how he was in solitary confinement in juvenile detention, and while in there, he made sculptures out of toilet paper, coffee-mate, and water. How ironic! We are in a time right now where toilet paper is a big deal, and so many people have been doing funny, creative things with toilet paper. One of her other suggestions was a timed art competition; you would set a timer and see if you could complete one piece of art in that time frame. I really liked this idea because I know how bad I am at procrastinating. Usually, when I start an art project, I take weeks to finish it, but if I were to time myself, that would motivate me to complete my project in full.

To check out the rest of Klammer’s suggestions, click here for here the full article.