Another Rant of a Restless Mind

Through my high school career I have always dreamt of writing a book. I had in fact fulfilled this dream and written three books: Dark Dreams, Dark Illusions, and Dark Realities. Sadly these books didn’t sell more than two copies each.

One copy went to a library in Maine, the name of I have honestly forgotten over the last few years, and one copy to my friend in Buckinghamshire, England. After four years of not writing anything but the occasional poem piece or little rants on my private blog, I have decided to begin work on another fiction piece. This time it would not be about fairies, or alternate dimensions but about a man that has a dream, and his journey towards that dream. The catch is, maybe the dream he has isn’t actually what he was destined to do.

Early in May of 2015 I found myself writing again. A sudden muse decided to grant me an idea. At first it started out as a short story. The story would start out with a not so old man living with his roommates in some fast moving city. This man, not being any older than maybe twenty seven or twenty eight, dreams of being an actor. He has spent his entire life dreaming about theater and the big screen. His parents aren’t exactly the most wealthy but they did the best they could to support his endeavors. They even went so far as to send him to college for his first year paying everything. But what the man doesn’t see is that, while blinded by his dream of being an actor, his true passion was being blotted out.

This man had a rather natural knack for cooking, so good in fact that he could have ran with the big dogs if he wanted to. His apartment was filled with high grade culinary equipment, expensive ingredients for gourmet foods and deserts. The man was so creative as well. He rarely looked at a recipe, the creations this man could conjure were amazing.

Now how does one begin to even write a novel? First they need to understand what a novel is. Traditionally a novel is any literal work of prose that meets or exceeds forty thousand words. But much more goes into that. I am unsure of others but I suspect that many authors write books that they themselves wish to read. In spring of 2015 I attended a seminar in which Neil Gaiman was the prime speaker. He said during this seminar that the reason he wrote his books was because they didn’t exist and he wanted to read them. This is also the reason behind why I write. So first of all you need to ask yourself “would I read this if I saw it.” If they answer is yes then you are that much closer. Your next step is to make a character outline. This character should have some sort of problem or weakness that will be the center of the books plot. Make this character believable. Make them flawed in some way or form. You need to make this character believable. I find using those that you know as framework makes this process easier, but many have not gone this route. Lastly you need to not give up on your idea. You have no idea if the book will sell or if people will even be interested, but honestly who cares? You wrote a book that you would want to read and if nothing else shouldn’t that be important?

The last bit of advice I have for my readers is that everyone has ideas, tips, and rules to follow for the writing of a novel. But what you need to do is do what you want. It’s not their book to write it is yours. Do what you want. A novel is the true definition of an escape to another place and time. So do what you can to provide that for your reader. Thank you for reading yet another rant of my everlasting restless mind.