Aldermarsh: Spaces

To each of you:

In the darkness of the night at Aldermarsh, with my window open wide, I hear a coyote howl.  It reminds me of the loneliness I felt before this place, the longing, not understanding why.

I think of how much he’d love this space, yet if he were with me the internal journal might not have taken place.

Aldermarsh opens itself to people. It breathes of a life force not found many places, and certainly not spaces I’ve found. It’s natural yet welcoming, and I can feel that many have loved it before I.

In the shadows of my last morning is a softness I’ve come to love in only a few days. In the stacked rocks is a strength I’ve come to feel as my own.

If I’d known the personal road of the journey I would take ahead of time, I would not have come. Yet, now, I can feel myself on the verge of tears with a shortness of breath as I prepare to leave this place.

I know how to pack the items I brought with me, most of which I did not need. But how do I pack the emotions and spirits that have moved my sense of being? The feel of this air and the smell of this part of nature? The people who swept into my heart like a feather tickling my soul and urging it toward healing?

I pray I remember it all, especially how I felt as my spirit healed. The strength I found by placing the hurt I’d held in a greater context of my journey rather than letting it continue to define who I am.

There’s now a peace to being me that I’ve not truly felt since I was a child. An excitement to consider how the life I live will change in a beautiful way. A way that hurts no one, only delights.

The path I’m on is clearer, the road I travel is filled with a beautiful anticipation of what’s to come.

I have peace that I will know my place on the various walks of life I take, that the spirit found at Aldermarsh, and those who were present here with me, go with me, and with each of them, as we continue on to fulfill our purpose here, in this life, on our beautiful space on this Earth.

And I feel grateful to all who were part of this time. Namaste.


Cowley Faculty (Vol. 7 - 2017)