Adventure Never Dies

Nothing screams adventure quite like a mysterious, abandoned city for an ancient civilization or previously undiscovered temple.

The thrill of discovering something that has been forgotten by the world is basically an entire TV genre, as well as what cost me countless hours of my childhood exploring the local park. Of course, at some point one has to come to the realization that there just isn’t a T-Rex fossil waiting to be discovered in the trees next to the playground. Accepting that the world just isn’t that cool is an important part of growing up.

But, what if these places did still exist? Because as it turns out, there are a surprising number of locations the world over that are short one snarky old dude with a whip of being worthy of their own movie. Hell, some of them are still basically already there, such as the ruins in Cambodia that were discovered by the coolest historians out there, that

“…decided to strap some lasers to a helicopter and shoot the absolute crap out of the jungle with them”

Of course, all of these places have serious, sometimes boring downsides that explain why they haven’t been explored. But, hey, that’s what writers license is for. 

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