2017 Scare Contest Winners!

Winners for our 2017 Scare Contest posted here!

Congratulations to the following!



"Ghost Tower" by Ruairí Ferris

"Demon Sonnet" by JC Pappan

"Witching Hour" by Grayson Gorday

"Gold Eyes" by Vic Olmstead

"Fear is Here" by Emma Pray


Short Story

"The Crypt" by Vic Olmstead

"The Thing" by Hannah Lyles

"Turn Around" by Ruairí Ferris

"Student's Nightmare" by Bronte Young



"Dreadful Hope" by Felipe Escalante, Edited by Madison Nihart

"Welcome" by Felipe Escalante

"Tunnel of Webs" by Emma Pray

"Closed Eyes, Butterflies" by Tuck Sear

"Waving Wheat" by Emma Pray