“Bullet Point”

(Cowley Student: Vol. 6 - 2016)

I heard one man say to the other
“Shoot or be shot”
as he lied down the paper

Shoot or be shot?
maybe that’s true
Bullets may injure
but words do too
Shoot me with your ignorance
and I’ll shoot you

Shoot or be shot?
What side are you on?
If you don’t kill,
someone else will
and you’ll be gone
For every motion that is made,
an opposite reaction is displayed
Shoot or be shot?
What’s your decision today?

So, let’s think here
weigh our options
Because either choice
is a new life adopted
If I shoot, I’ll escape the pain
You’re down, rollin’
My life is saved

But then what is gained?
For without your qualities
to balance me,
my treasure’s drained

But, if I don’t,
and I’m down, rollin’
who’s to say
I won’t be paralyzed
can’t unfold and
the rest of my life
will be summarized
by that one bullet

Maybe I just need to be
the one who gets hurt
Because without suffering,
what lessons are learned?

that’s it then
Ready your gun
I’ll stand planted
and count from 5-1


Shoot or be shot…
“Neither”, we can choose
For our guns may be loaded
but we will not shoot